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Date: 28.5.2018
Create an offline catalog of exhibits using our App® app

ATapp® (Android) and AQapp® (iOS)

Each visitor has the opportunity to install our offline application ATapp® (Android) and AQapp® (iOS) to your phone and be able to so "read" data on selected exhibits - the name, type, parameters, contact the dealer by region and of course the product website. This is thanks to the QR codes placed on individual exhibits. Contact information of the seller including the basic parameters of all the exhibits will be practically immediately available, including personal notes, photos, etc. All the data you can then comfortably at home to send at once to your e-mail as an excel file containing all the collected data.

WARNING! The code below is universal for both Android and iPhone and iPad. Just one code for any type of Android or iOS mobile phone. App is always downloaded correctly for used devices.
(In the case of Android, with one intermediate step in to Google Play, direct link HERE. For iOS without an intermediate step directly into the Apple Store.)

You can download a QR code reader to your device for example HERE for Android (Samsung, Huawei, ...) or HERE for iOS (iPhone, iPad).