Aquatherm Nitra 2021 virtually

Date: 7.1.2021
In the traditional February term of Aquatherm Nitra will take place a virtual trade fair with elements of the classic trade fair in both the presentation and conference parts.

The original date of Aquatherm Nitra from 9 to 12 February 2021 (but also the chosen alternative date from 20 to 23 April 2021) seems today unrealistic, especially in connection with the current situation throughout Europe, but despite the unfavorable development, we don´t need to succumb to skepticism and still on the contrary, we need to remain seen in the market. Therefore, we have been working on its virtual platform since last year summer, which would allow to maintain the maximum possible personal approach and contact between exhibitors and their clients during these challenging times, while maintaining continuity in the presentation of our clients in the HVAC market.

As we realized very hard last year, relationships and social bonds are absolutely irreplaceable in a business relationship. But we need to try different ways to stay in touch and be seen even in times of social isolation. And this has become the main idea of ​​the whole concept of the TZBexpo e-trade fair. To get maximum of the online space, while maintaining the character of the trade fair in terms of presentation options and personal contact.

Sample of the final form of the virtual trade fair TZBexpo HERE (in Slovak language only). For more information, please contact us HERE.

And what is waiting for you at the e-trade fair? Virtual exhibitions, video calls, chats and accompanying program. IT'S ALL FOR FREE AND WITHOUT REGISTRATION FOR VISITORS.

There are prepared virtual exposition for presentation of exhibitors, which will create an adequate space for the presentation of company news, present instructional videos, webinars and public trainings, or closed meetings for selected clients, including online shop of their products for B2B partners. Exhibitors will also present their service or partner network. And because visitors will not be able to "touch" the product in person, it will be possible to visualize it 1: 1 in a real planned space of their future location through a mobile phone via augmented reality.

You can also look forward to four days live performances streamed from the studios in Bratislava and Prague. During the e-trade fair, we can look forward to the presentation of news for 2021, a virtual  visit to manufacturing companies, professional training and instructional videos for public audience, online shops for business partners and end clients. There will also be competitions for visitors.

And most importantly, who will you see at the e-trade fair? As well as at the "real" trade fair, you can look forward to those key exhibitors of the Aquatherm trade fair, as you know from Nitra. You can follow their news until the start of the e-trade fair at and because we know that nothing will replace the personal contact as soon as the situation allows us, we will immediately start preparing a classic "real" version of Aquatherm Nitra trade fair for you. We hope that soon!

Thank you for your support and we look forward from 23rd to 26th February 2021 at