Conditions in the competition "We have been with you for 20 years"

1. Competition organizer
The Competition is organized by MDL Expo s.r.o., Šmeralova 37, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic, ID: 247 12 647, tax ID: CZ 247 12 647, entered in the Companies Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, entry168101 (the Organizer).
2. Competition date and place
The Competition will be held from 5 February 2019 10:00:00 AM till 8 February 2019 12:00:00 AM (the Competition Period) during the international trade fair Aquatherm Nitra 2019 (the Trade Fair).
3. Competition participants
Any physical entity aged 18 and up and residing on the territory of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic may participate in the Competition (the Participant or the Contestant). The participation in the Competition is free of charge. The Competition may not be participated by the Organizer’s employees and/or by persons involved directly in activities related to the organization of the Competition or of the Aquatherm Nitra 2019 Trade Fair and/or by their close persons within the meaning of section 116 of the Civil Code. The Competition may be participated only by a person who visits the Aquatherm Nitra 2019 Trade Fair in person, on the basis of a visitor’s registration completed in advance on the organizer’s website The participant’s job must involve one of the following: owner/co-owner; company director/director; manager; senior officer; self-employed person; architect; project engineer; technician; service specialist; specialist; specialist worker of a company; trader; purchasing agent; state- and self-administration employee specialized in: heating; power; ventilation; air conditioning; renewable energy sources; measurement, management and regulation; installation engineering; sanitation; water treatment; civil construction; state administration; self-administration; and companies whose sphere of business corresponds to the above given jobs: installation companies; project engineering/architecture; production; retail trade; wholesale trade; development and investment; importer/general representative; trade mediation.
4. Competition principle and conditions
The Contestant enters the Competition by completing the following personal data on the website “Visitor’s Registration”: name, surname, e-mail, region, field of interest, job, company sphere of business. The Contestant will give his/her consent to the General Terms and Conditions and click on the “Send” button. The Contestant must also give his/her consent to all the Competition conditions given in these Competition rules. After the Contestant completes the Visitor’s Registration, he/she will receive (via an e-mail) an automatically generated coupon for an Aquatherm Nitra 2019 ticket. The lots will be drawn under the supervision of two Organizer’s employees and a notary public in Agrokomplex premises after the end of the Competition Period, on 8 February 2019 - or during two weeks at the latest. Will be raffling off after 20 competitors (4x20 winners), who visited the fair on 5 February 2019, on 6 February 2019, on 7 February 2019 and on Friday 8 February 2019.
5. Competition prize and its delivery
Android Tablet is the Competition prize. The prize will be won by the Competition Participant determined by the lot. All registration forms completed correctly on the website Visitor’s Registration and put into the special container by the end of the Competition Period will be included in the lot. The winner will take over the prize in person either at the Organizer’s seat or at any other place specified by the Organizer. The Competition winner will be informed about the prize winning by a telephone call or an e-mail given by him/her at the Visitor’s Registration on the website The Organizer will draw an acceptance record. By signing the acceptance record, the winner will confirm the prize receipt.
6. Loss of the right to the prize
The Competition Participants are obliged to cooperate with the Organizer by giving him all information necessary to notify them of the prize and its delivery, including but not limited to their personal data (name, surname, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address); otherwise they will lose their right to the prize. Each Competition Participant’s telephone number provided within the Competition must be valid and available by the day of the lots drawing and in the days after it. In case the Organizer does not succeed in contacting the potential winner by telephone or e-mail, or in case the winner does not meet the conditions specified in Article 3 and 4 of the present Terms and Conditions, the winner will lose his/her right to the prize. In such case, the winner will be replaced by the next Participant in the order. The winner must take over the prize either in person or through an attorney authorized by a written power of attorney bearing the winner’s officially authenticated signature. The winner and/or his attorney must prove his/her identity and age by a valid identity card. Any failure to meet any of the conditions or duties, and any potential breach of the rules can result in the Contestant’s expulsion from the Competition.
7. Prize tax
The subject of winnings is not taxable.
8. Other conditions
By his/her participation in the competition, the Contestant gives, within the meaning of the act No. 2016/679 EU (the European Parliament and the Council of Europe), on personal data protection as amended, his/her consent to the Competition Organizer to process the Contestant’s name, surname, telephone number and address provided within the Competition, and to use them for other Organizer’s marketing purposes according to the rules art. 6 paragraph 6 a) GDPR. The Competition winner gives his/her consent to his/her participation in promotion events and materials related to the Competition and the prize takeover. At such promotion events, the winner’s photographs can be made and then published together with the winner’s name and residence (town or municipality) in the Organizer’s promotion materials including the Internet. On MDL Expo s.r.o. (the Organizer) request, the user is obliged to prove his/her identity by submitting his valid identity card or a passport. In case of the user’s death, MDL Expo s.r.o. will pass the prize to an administrator or a notary public after submitting the appropriate documents. MDL Expo s.r.o. does not bear any responsibility for any acts executed by the government authorities, the notary public and/or the administrator.
9. Final provisions
The Organizer reserves the right to decide finally all matters relating this Competition. At the same time, the Organizer may change, reduce, extend, cancel, or amend its rules. Judicial enforcement of participation in the Competition and of its prizes is excluded. In case the Contestant does not meet this Competition conditions, he/shall lose the right for the prize. The Competition results are final; nobody has any right to an appeal. Final decisions relating any disputable matters are always made by the Organizer. The Organizer does not bear any responsibility for any risks and obligations related to the prize use. The risk of the prize damage passes to the winner in the moment of the prize handover to him/her. The Organizer is not responsible for any technical problems arising in relation with the data transfer by electronic means. In case the Participant fails to fulfil or breaches the Competition rules, he/she will be excluded from the Competition without any right to compensation. The Participant will also be excluded from the Competition if the Organizer finds or has a justified suspicion of a fraudulent or unfair conduct of any of the Contestants or another person who helped the Contestant to win the prize. The prize may neither be paid in cash nor in form of any other performance. The prize may not be enforced judicially. The Organizer reserves the right to substitute the declared prize for a prize of similar type and corresponding value. The Organizer also reserves the right to change the conditions of the prize handing over if he does not get the prize in the form allowing him to hand it over to the winner in accordance with the Competition rules. By the participation in the Competition, each Contestant gives his/her consent to the rules and undertakes to observe the rules without reservations.